Management GD Topics - Topics Set 1

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Management GD Topics

  • Study or extra curricular activity is the driven force to success?
  • CCR –SLR which should be given more important?
  • Credit card spoiling habits?
  • Machine over man or man over machine?
  • Movies made in Bollywood for Hollywood
  • Models turn actors.
  • Innovation –how much is it required?
  • Discovery vs. invention.
  • Spiritualism is a curtain to crime?
  • We or you?
  • Tranquility satisfaction or success?
  • Prostitution excuse or intent?
  • 2012 certain or uncertain?
  • Sex conversion –way to reach goal or feel good factor?
  • Theory or practical?
  • MBA or PGDM?
  • A fool or a competitive jerk?
  • Dose really Placebo affects?
  • “Avatar” a turning point.
  • India leader or follower in 20th century?
  • Rajneeti vs. kites.
  • Team worker or a Leader?
  • Davinci code.
  • Role of IT in other managerial functions (required)?


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