Group Discussion Tips

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Group Discussion Tips

  • Always be the initiator and concluder of the GD then being a participant.
  • But if you are participant always try to be the most viral/key participant.
  • Put points firmly and always try to get others support too.
  • If you find that the discussion os going off-track then never loose an opportunity to bring it back to stream this is the best point to score max.
  • Try to keep latest information on the topic.
  • Be very polite , people may try to provoke you to to get more points but try to keep cool.
  • Most important don’t wait for your turn to speak when discussion is on. interrupt politely if you want to put forward your points.
  • Last but not the least keep atab on the time given for discussion. score points by wrapping up the discussion if you feel that the discussion is heating but the time is going to be over.
  • During conclusion, do end with the conclusion note. that shows your leadership quality.


Morgan said...

Hi There,

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SELECT article_ref, status, total_amount
FROM order_tbl
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article_ref status total_amount
123456 Ordered 100
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123456 Ordered 80
123456 Pending 50
123456 Pending 23
123456 Pending 50
123456 Delivered 50
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And want the output to be
123456 Ordered 190
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Unknown said...


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I want to execute the different files at the run time in the SQL PLUS

Ex: I have two different files like ABC.SQL, XYZ.SQL,

I had declared one bind variable to hold file_name .

var file_name VARCHAR2(200);
sr VARCHAR2(20) :='ABC';
:file_name :='ABC.SQL';
:file_name :='XYZ.SQL';
PRINT file_name

Now i want to execute the file which is there in :file_name bind variable


It was cool to see your article pop up in my google search for the process yesterday. Great Guide.
Keep up the good work!


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